Why I Chose Elementor Pro to Design My WordPress Website

Elementor Pro is an excellent WordPress page builder. It has many customization features as well as hundreds of pre-built elements.
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Customization is Key

The most important reason I chose Elementor Pro for my WordPress websites is its superior customization capabilities.  Most WordPress templates and page builders I’ve used have fallen short in customization features.  However, with Elementor, I can implement almost any design I desire with virtually no coding.  Not only can you modify existing pre-built elements, but you can also create your own from scratch.


Elementor Pro allows you to create your own color palette.  You can use the colors in multiple areas of your website, ensuring consistency.  In addition, if you update your a custom color, it is updated globally across your website.

Elementor Global Colors Settings

Fonts and Typography

Fonts can be customized:

  • Using Global Fonts
  • Setting Typography for headings, paragraphs, and hyperlinks

In addition to fonts like Arial and Helvetica, Elementor has over 800 Google fonts.

Global Fonts

Custom fonts can be defined using font family, font size, weight, line spacing, letter spacing, etc.

Elementor Global Fonts Settings


In the typography settings, you define fonts and colors for headings, paragraphs, and hyperlinks.

Elementor Global Typography Settings

Custom Site Parts

With Elementor Pro, you can design your own global site parts, including:

Elementor global site parts

Pre-Built Elements

Elementor Pro is loaded with dozens of ready to use, customizable page elements, pages, and entire websites.  Combining these pre-built elements with Elementor’s customization features can save you many hours of development time.

Excellent User Resources

Elementor has robust learning resources, including a complete learning academycommunity forum, and developer tools.  Their YouTube channel has been instrumental to my learning journey.

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